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Identifying the most talentid people means building long-term relationships. To achieve this we see our role as a consultative one, providing you with honest, informed advice with the assurance of confidentiality.

We understand you.  We have extensive Chartered Accounting and recruitment experience across Australia and the UK so we understand your skills and achievements, your work environment and the right role for you. To find out more about our team and experience see the about page.

Our connections deliver opportunities.  Our network has been built over 21 years and combines with our focus on one marketplace and our proactive approach to ensure we know where the opportunities are – and so will you!

And because we know how busy you are, we take a flexible approach to meeting you.  So you can benefit from our advice, understanding and opportunities at your convenience, even if that means 6.00am at your home.

To assist you find the right role and to make it as easy as possible for you we offer the following:

  1. Access to some of the best opportunities we are managing through the Jones Talent ID Job Board
  2. A program that gives you proactive access to the Hidden Career Market.
  3. A Jones Talent ID Members area.  Register with us to create your own profile - securely store your private information, resume, job search criteria and more.
  4. Job Alerts. As a Registered Member of Jones Talent ID you can sign up for our Job Alerts. We will scan our system daily for jobs matching your search criteria and if we find a match we will send you an email – easy!
  5. Resources to assist you with some of the key elements of finding a new role:
    1. Writing a Cover Letter
    2. Writing a Resume
    3. Interviewing

  6. Salary Survey