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If you know a friend or colleague who is looking for a new opportunity and would benefit from:

  1. A confidential career chat with us.
  2. Our “Access the Hidden Career Market” program.
  3. Assistance with a search through the active opportunities we are managing.

Then refer them to us now!

They’ll receive:

  • Priority because you think they’re good.
  • Flexible interview time because we know they’re busy.
  • Review of their resume and interview style.
  • Analysis of their career and their goals.
  • Matching of their goals to the right role and employer(s).
  • Confidential marketing to the identified employers.
  • Interview booking and briefing.
  • Assistance with interview preparation.
  • Comprehensive, value-added feedback.
  • Offer negotiation.
  • Support over the first few months of their new role.

All-in-all, the highest quality service and the right role!

You’ll receive:

  • A good feeling from proactively helping a friend.
  • The thanks of their new employer for introducing such a good candidate.
  • Our thanks and a Thank-you Voucher of your choice up to the value of $1000 when we place them – there are a few conditions noted below.
  • More good feelings if you donate the value of your voucher to charity – just let us know that’s what you want to do in the form below.  The organisation must be a Registered Charity.

Please complete this simple form and we will contact them – we will explain that the referral came from you and we recommend that you let them know you have referred your friend to us.

Refer a Friend Form
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Your friend’s name: *
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Why are you recommending them?
Your preferred voucher (see below for some ideas):
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Thank you for referring your friend or colleague. 
We will let you know if we place them.

Some Thank-you Voucher ideas:

Red Balloon Days


To receive your Thank-you there are a few conditions:

  1. The referred candidate is not already registered with Jones Talent ID.
  2. The referred candidate must stay in the role throughout our client’s probation period.
  3. The Thank-you reward is only redeemed in vouchers from an organisation with a corporate voucher facility.

Jones Talent ID may not be able to assist the referred candidate, in which case we will notify you.