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Access The Hidden Career Market

Careers are built on taking the right opportunities. 

Access to those opportunities can be hidden:

  1. Advertising them can give away an organisation’s strategy.
  2. Peer networks may not share the best opportunities!
  3. Looking at one good opportunity can blind you to better ones.
  4. There may only be an opportunity when you are presented as an option.

Open up the market using Jones Talent ID:

  1. We will meet you confidentially to analyse what you want to achieve. And because we know how busy you are, we take a flexible approach to meeting you, even if that means 6.00am at your home.
  2. We will develop a Career Marketing Plan – together we will identify the employers and roles that will allow you to reach your career goals.
  3. Jones Talent ID will then implement that plan by confidentially contacting all the employers we have identified.  We will not disclose your identity until we have discussed the opportunity with you and you have given us permission.
  4. We will make the process easy for you, organising interviews when you want them and assisting you to negotiate the right package and terms.

If you would like to examine the opportunities available to you, whether in your state, interstate or overseas, then contact us NOW:

  1. Call Aaron Jones on 0433 309 393 anytime; or
  2. Use this form:
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