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Cover Letters

What’s HOT:

A recruiter will welcome a well written Cover Letter that adds value to the application process.  One that is poorly written or not tailored to the role provides a negative first impression by reflecting on your abilities and interest in the opportunity and taking up the recruiter’s time.

Key to a valuable Cover letter:

Clear: Concise: Customised

Points to think about:
  1. Use a business format for your letter or email, spell check and proof read.
  2. Address the correspondence to the recruiter managing the assignment.  Make sure you spell their name correctly and that they can easily identify the role you are applying for.
  3. Be realistic and accurate.  A great first impression will be completely undone if its found to be untrue.
  4. Customise to the position and outline how your strengths match the requirements.  Let the recruiter know why you are interested.
  5. Be consistent with your resume. An obvious link to the extra information in your resume consolidates the recruiter’s initial views, provides validation and demonstrates clear thinking.
  6. Review the letter when you have finished and try to put yourself in the recruiter’s place – would you be impressed if you received it.